Podcast | Raising the Girl Child

How do we go about changing the mindsets of a society or a nation for good, instill the values within its women and men and do it when they are young?

Raising young girls most especially with the correct knowledge, skills, and tools will set them up to be the kind of leaders we need to shift paradigms. 

Join us as we unpack how we ought to socialise the young mind.  

Raising the Girl Child

by AkomaTalks | I Do Series

“If you don’t know who you are, how will you serve…?”

Lina Bolton

Lina is a proud housewife. She loves expressing herself through being creative, whether it is writing, painting or crafting. She is passionate about helping and encouraging others in emotional and mental healing and well being. She believes and tries to live by John 10:10, to live life abundantly and fully.

“We are more than survivors, we are conquerors!”


Meet the other speakers

“Raise a young girl as a human being… 

Beatrice Schultz

Founder of Akoma Talks with a heart to motivate, inspire, support and positively influence women in Namibia. 


Maya Yeboah

A lively, fun-loving people person who loves seeing individuals thrive on their life’s journey.

Join the conversation . How do you inspire change in the upcoming generation?

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