Ever gone through a season whereby no matter what you did you felt like you were constantly being knocked down into a hole? The moment you think you have it together suddenly another wave hits you and you are back on the ground?

Battling daily for reasons to live, reasons to keep pushing, reasons to find meaning and purpose in life again. What’s fascinating is that in all this, to the outside world, you can “look” fine. Still smiling. Which brings about the question: is that a farce? Is it putting up a front to appear “fine” in spite of the battles being faced? Is it being untrue to the people around you?

No it isn’t.

Although we don’t feel particularly happy in those times the bubbling joy in ones heart won’t be silenced. A joy that runs so deep, not because of current circumstances, but simply because it is there.

So what then is the difference between being happy and experiencing joy?

Happiness is acquired through tangible things like cars, gadgets, that new romance, a promotion. Happiness can be circumstantial; I’m happy because…, I’m happy with…, I’m happy if… .

However joy is that irrepressible positive feeling that comes from within, that peace and serenity that is not dependent on surrounding circumstances.

Therefore, let us move past the desire to be happy and actively pursue joy by intentionally being grateful for all that we are. Life is hard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t smile through the storms.

Beatrice is the founder of Akoma Talks. She has a heart to motivate, inspire, support and positively influence women and men in Namibia and beyond. Akoma means “heart”. This platform she believes is a way to talk about life, its moments, challenges, issues that affect us and in so doing, find healing and the tools to live well.

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