“Millennials were 177 percent more likely to feel pressure to get married compared to other generations. in China, even though women in their 20s were outnumbered by men of the same age group, they still felt more pressure to find love, The New York Times reported.”

Arti Patel commented on this social phenomenon; the pressure to marry and at times for very wrong reasons. Culture, socialisation, or even the so called biological clock may be reasons contributing to the pressure on women to marry quickly. 

What are your thoughts, or experiences? Are you experiencing the pressure to settle down now? Have your say as we discuss the dilemma of “I do… or do I?




Lina Weissensteiner

Lina Weissensteiner

Guest Speaker

Lina is a proud housewife. She loves expressing herself through “being creative”, whether it is writing, painting or crafting. She is passionate about helping and encouraging others in emotional and mental healing and well being. She believes and tries to live by John 10:10, to live life abundantly and fully.



“We are more than survivors, we are conquerors!”







Njeri Mwangi is an experienced forensic and AML specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. She is meticulous in all she does. A loyal friend and loving sister who loves to travel.




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