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It is all about identity! Who are you? Part of our identity is embedded in our physical appearance.  How big or small your eyes are and the proximity of them to each other, or how your fingers grow out of your hand or even how your lips are formed, to how the very strands of your hair grow from your scalp.

 All this forms part of IDENTITY. Yours and mine.

Skin tone also plays a major role and mainstream media in recent years has been grappling with the new waves of diverse representation. In the past and even now, beauty standards, how we should look were standardised according to certain standards. This has brought up the very interesting topic of ‘colourism’ and even in some contexts ‘shadism’.  What do you know about it? Do you have any experiences? Join in the conversation below and let us unpack this world-wide and sometimes controversial issue!  


by AkomaTalks | Identity Series

“For us (the Asian) if you are dark and a woman you are judged severely (to be ugly).”

Ankita Ndakukamo

Ankita is a wife, mother, daughter, engineer, and avid construction enthusiast. She is passionate about children and their place in the world. 

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Other Speakers

Beatrice Schultz

Founder of Akoma Talks with a heart to motivate, inspire, support and positively influence women in Namibia. 


Maya Yeboah

A lively, fun-loving people person who loves seeing individuals thrive on their life journeys.

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