Article | What is Grace?


Dear Friend, 
Let us remember what grace is: 

Grace is what allows us to grow into God’s people. 

Grace, is having the humility knowing that we all grow, we all have different starting points and we all run the race at a different speed. 
Grace is knowing that only love for one another can save us! 
Grace is choosing to love when we want to judge! 
Grace is accepting imperfections, flaws and covering them in love! 
Grace is loving through humility not pride! 

Let’s be complete rather than compete

Grace is choosing to show God’s love and not our own version of it! 
Grace is being kind to yourself, when the world is not!
Grace is knowing you don’t deserve the understanding, compassion, patience, kindness and love, but know that you need it.
Grace is accepting people for where they are at in their relationship with Jesus and meeting them there. 
Not having grace, is condemning and judging people for not being at your level of maturity and forcefully pulling them up or pushing them. 
Grace is the one thing that is lacking the most in our churches, but is so desperately needed to heal the body of Christ. 
Let’s be complete rather than compete

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