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Are we friends? 

There was a meme going around with a traffic officer saying, “You are not my friend, my friend”. Though it was hilarious it got me thinking about how loosely we use the word friend. Is a friend any person that we meet and click with or is a friend someone that we meticulously select?

In our society there are so many quotes going around about friendship, whether it’s how to identify a toxic friend, or how to identify a narcissistic friend, the list goes on. Now the real question is are we really friends?

According to Pastor Victor, good friends are two people that have learnt to resolve their differences. We are all different and definitely need grace when dealing with friends. We are all still in the process of becoming. So who is your friend and why do you call them Friend?

“Making friends is based on the type of personality you have.

Annette Ndjadila

Annette started out studying accounting but was so moved by her passion for people’s emotional well being and growth,  that she instead pursued a career in counselling and pastoral ministry.

She has four years experience in practical counselling and inner healing, is also a part time musician and an artist and owns her own makeup business called The Yellow Brush. 

Sometimes you have to let some people go.

Marsela Rita

Marsela is lifestyle and travel blogger and web content designer for her brand Ladymarsela. She started her blog as a creative outlet, which evolved from a fashion blog into a lifestyle and travel blog.

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Other Speakers

Beatrice Schultz

Founder of Akoma Talks with a heart to motivate, inspire, support and positively influence women in Namibia.

BA (Hons) Media & Visual Arts 
Certificate in Early Childhood Development 


Maya Yeboah

A lively, fun-loving people person who loves seeing individuals thrive on their life journeys.

B (Econ) 
B (Hons) HR Management 
Certificate in Project Management

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."


“You are not responsible for other people’s emotions”


Join the conversation below:

Consider the friends you have. Why do you call them friends?

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