Do I Like the Way it Hurts?

In our society today so many women deal with abuse: emotional, psychological, sexual and physical.
There is a lot of hype going around about it; the awareness is there. However when it happens to you are you aware that it is happening to you and are you comfortable enough to talk about it openly? Or is it hush hush because you are too ashamed to talk about it?
In a society where social media somewhat dares us to put up an image of perfection and happiness do we then begin to suppress and justify the tell tale signs of abuse?

It’s time to let go.
It’s time to get out.

It’s time to be free.

Do I Like the Way it Hurts?

by Akoma Talks | Gender Based Violence

“I am worthy to be loved.”

Beaulah Boois
BA (Hons) Ind Psych (UNAM)
Beaulah is a Corporate Communications Officer who partners with Government and non-government entities, Executives and Corporates to grow their professional brands.
She is a mother of one, her daughter Clarissa-Yvonne, is her ultimate pride and joy.
Follow Beaulah on her social media platforms:
Twitter: @Beaulz1
Instagram: @beaulz

“Stains on My Khanga” by Sandra Aikaruwa Mushi

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"It is important to forgive yourself and trust yourself to make right decisions."


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