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Akoma Talks



Heart Talks

Akoma means heart. It comes from the Adinkra symbols of the Ashanti people of Ghana. It means the heart and represents patience and tolerance.

These are heart to heart talks to revive your very soul. 



Akoma to Akoma talks to revive your very soul. Our heart to yours, to empower you, not matter how old or young you are, train you, coach you and mentor you to achieve your greatest potential.

Revealing the Heart of Matters

It is our vision to host heart to hearts, discussing women’s issues and matters that affect the society we live in.  We want to give you the confidence to speak up about societal taboos and break cultural barriers and work towards healing. 

A Story

Kente Cloth

This cloth holds great significance for the Ashanti People as it tells a story.

Growth and renewal

Richness and prosperity

Love and healing

Maturity and spiritual energy 

Podcast – 3 October 2019 | Colourism

Podcast – 5 October 2019 |

I do…or do I?


Meet the Team

Beatrice Schultz

Founder of Akoma Talks with a heart to motivate, inspire, support and positively influence women in Namibia.

BA (Hons) Media & Visual Arts 
Certificate in Early Childhood Development 


Abena Tambrescu

Consultant, coach and mentor with an innate passion for progressive change.

B. Soc. Sci (Education)

MBA: Strategic Management, Customer Service & Entrepreneurship

Dr Amma Yeboah

Accomplished medical doctor with a drive to tackle racism and oppression.

Dr. MD Neuropsychiatry and Psychotherapy 

Maya Yeboah

A lively, fun-loving people person who loves seeing individuals thrive on their life journeys.

B (Econ) 
B (Hons) HR Management 
Certificate in Project Management

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